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Composer, Arranger,
Producer & Sound Designer

Wenna Tsao 


-Collaborations with other artists and musicians for producing tracks, tech design, audio enginnering and lightning desgin-



    “Crossroads” is a composition for contemporary dance which incorporates Russian Folk music and dance tradition. It explores the meaning of the number 3 in Russian folklore - intuition, destiny and crossroads. The three dancers and the three voices represent three different characters. The Protagonist - she who wants to make a change, the Antagonist - she who encourages action towards the change, and Nature/Creator - she who tells the story. 
    Lightning Designed by Wenna Tsao
Nick Cave: The Let Go
At Park Avenue Armory (NYC)
   The conceptual artist Nick Cave's multimedia installation "The Let Go," a town hall-inspired dance hall that is part performance, part immersive experience, part dance party.
Sound & DMX Robot Heads Lightning Designed by Wenna Tsao
Pravo Kato Magistrala (B. Petrov) 
   Performed by the Berklee Middle Eastern Fusion Ensemble at Berklee Performance Center on Oct. 28th, 2016. Wenna Tsao was the Stage Audio Engineer for this show.
Why Don't We "Taking You Tour"
    A sold out show of Why Don't We at 939 Cafe on Feb. 4th, 2017. Wenna Tsao was the House Audio Engineer for American pop boy band Why Don't We's Boston show. 


(Produced for Nona Hendryx's multimedia show)


(Produced and Mixed by Wenna Tsao)

#Jazz Fusion


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